How to Catch a Raccoon Without a Trap


The largest mammal in the procyonid family is Raccoon. They are greyish and have mostly 5-26 kg weight and a height of 40 to 70 cm. there are three types of raccoons that are distinguished by their facial mask, front paws and the ringed tail. The number of raccoons is increasing day by day in urban areas which are causing problems for the people living in those areas. They are happier living in homes with people. According to the latest studies, Raccoons are found famous for their genius minds as they can remember any solution to a task for almost three years.

Where do Raccoons Live?

They are mostly found in the forests of North America. The people of America like hunting animals so they also hunt raccoons. The raccoons can easily escape but the hunters won’t make it easy for them. They mostly live in cold areas. They can create a lot of problems if they enter any field like gardens or home backyards.

Raccoon Bait

Raccoons love to eat sweet and fatty meals. The food can be any animal food like cat food or dog food but human food is more liked by a raccoon. In case to catch a raccoon, sweet corn can be placed in a cage to trap raccoon as the smell of sweat corn attracts raccoon.

Raccoon Behavior

Raccoons are mostly active at night time when human beings are sleeping. They are active almost in every season like summer, fall, spring but are relaxed in winters and most of the reproduction starts in the late nights of winters.

Raccoon Poop

The poop of a raccoon can be very dangerous for human beings. It can make a person bling and on the other side causes various bacterial infections that can risk a human life.

Catching a Raccoon Without a Trap

There are some techniques to catch a raccoon without a trap:

  • Wet pet food or chicken can be placed at a proper place to catch a raccoon. Raccoon likes chicken very well.
  • Raccoons like food very much. Place peanut butter or fish in the cage to catch a raccoon. Well, it can be easy to catch.
  • In case of mother raccoon, wait for the mother raccoon to leave her babies alone in search of food and then grab those babies and place them in the cage. This is very obvious that the mother raccoon will come in a cage to take her babies.


Keeping a raccoon at home is not a good idea. The raccoons should not enter a house as they spread deadly viruses and bacteria through their droppings. The small number of raccoons can be easily caught but the large number of raccoons live only in forests. They are mostly killed by the people of America. Vinegar like apple cider vinegar is the most effective and efficient method to keep away raccoons. The affected areas when sprayed with water mixed with vinegar helps to eliminate raccoons.

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